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Business Owners and Executives, It is Time For You To Step Up And Play Big!

As we move forward with the new ways of doing business we need to figure out how to maximize our productivity and minimize our costs. We are expected to do more with less and in record time.

The competition will be fierce necessitating the best from you, your team and company at all times. These changes will be driven by continuing advancements in technology and the immediacy of an ever changing and constantly evolving playing field.

Chris Ruisi draws on his many years in the business world to help clients sharpen their vision for success, unlock their inherent and full capabilities, and develop the behaviors and habits necessary to reach their goals.

There are multiple opportunities in which Chris, through his Speaking, Executive Coaching, Step Up and Play Big programs and Master Mind Group will launch you to new levels of productivity and performance.

Chris’ Current Blog Post

Are You Hiring the Best Employees or Your Future Problems?

As the economic recovery begins to gain traction, employers – both big and small – will be in the hunt for new talent at all levels within their companies, up to and including the executive suite. The question is, will they hire the best people or future problems?

When hiring at any level, an employer – before they even sit opposite a prospective job candidate – should have the following information completed:

  • An updated and complete position description that accurately describes the “purpose” of the position, i.e., the primary role the incumbent performs and how the position “fits in” to the unit’s operations.
  • An accurate listing of the key tasks (probably no more than 10).
  • An accurate description of the skills and knowledge needed for the incumbent to perform the tasks in a consistent and satisfactory manner.
  • An accurate description of the criteria for evaluation for the position, i.e., how performance will be measured.
  • A preliminary list of questions they will ask a candidate to determine how the candidate measures up versus the job requirements. Additional questions will need to be developed once the hiring manager has an actual applicant to consider.
  • Finally, they will need a method and a tool to properly evaluate the answers a candidate will offer to the questions asked. The need for this process is critical when more than one person will interview the candidate.
  • In some cases, an employer will use an assessment tool
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