3 Skills for Success Chris Ruisi

3 Skills That Will Unlock Every Door

I’m often asked what skills or habits are the most important ones to possess if one is to consistently achieve success. From my own observations and work with current and former clients, here are the ones that I believe are the most important. They are not the only keys to your success, but when you master them, you will have built the foundation needed to support other important habits.

Self-Discipline – Do what needs to be done when it is supposed to be done. Self-discipline coupled with focus is the best tool you can have to fight off distractions.

Perseverance – Your ability to stick with the task at hand, always looking for a way forward.

Resilience – Learn to take setbacks in stride. You learn from them and then use that knowledge to bounce back from them to keep moving forward. You avoid destructive self-pity parties at all costs.

To succeed, start with mastering these three skills and build from there.


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