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Chris Ruisi - Emotion to Solution

Get Past the Emotion to Get to the Solution

At any point in time, we find ourselves having to deal with a variety of problems. Some are big; others are small. Some we create and others land in our lap, as a result, someone else’s actions (or lack of actions). Some are valid, while others are just unnecessary distractions. Regardless of how it is described, they are problems and we are paid to solve them.

To effectively solve a problem, you have to have a clear understanding of its cause and impact. However, many of you spend way too much time and energy focusing just on the problem – its cause and its impact – and not enough time and focus on taking action to get to the solution. In essence, many find themselves “obsessing” about the problem, leading to detrimental results for the individual and their organization. It’s almost like digging a hole and pulling the dirt back in on top of you. Your frustration, stress and negative emotions grow unchecked. As this occurs, you basically eliminate any chance you might have to get past the emotional “clutter” (yours and others) to find a way forward to a solution.

So, what’s the lesson? Continue reading

Advice for Graduates-Chris Ruisi

Advice for the Graduates

Graduations have come and gone and now it’s time to enjoy summer – so with the pressure of finals, etc. gone maybe that graduate will be open to some advice.

As you begin your life’s journey, you will come across more things that you will not like before you find that one thing that “clicks.” That search is a good thing because you are learning a lot as you go.

You’re at a great time in your life and it’s time to “get in the game”. Here are several points to keep in mind: Continue reading

Chris Ruisi Step Up and Play Big

What it Means to Step Up and Play Big

The video included with this week’s Wake-Up Call is all about how one – YOU – can step up and play big.

To Step Up and Play Big, you recognize that you – and you alone – are responsible for your life, career, business and future, and that you can create situations where you are the master of your circumstances and not a victim. As such, you’re always looking for ways to enhance existing habits and if needed, learn new ones that will help you elevate your game so that you’re using your full capabilities.

When you Step Up and Play Big, you consistently live your life and demonstrate your full capabilities with “quiet confidence” – that is, there is no need to talk about what you do or how well you do it; your actions are all that others need to see. Finally, you know that to Step Up and Play Big will require that you learn to confront fear and take risks to move forward.

At the end of the video, I challenge you to identify one thing you will start doing to Step Up and Play Big!

And if you are really serious – buy my book and get on the path to create your desired destiny – click here.

Great Leader Chris Ruisi

Intending to be a Great Leader is nice, but…

Intentions are things you “plan” to do. From time-to-time each of us set intentions to do certain things or to accomplish specific goals. In many cases, your actions, if you take any at all, fall woefully short of your desired outcome.

Just intending on doing something very rarely gets it done. Some get so caught up in the intention that it distorts their reality to the point where they believe that they are taking action. Yet, all they are doing is talking about it and allowing the opportunity to slip away.

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Book Review: Leadership Lessons From Chris Ruisi, Author Of Step Up And Play Big

Rob Wright

By Rob Wright, Chief Editor, Life Science Leader


The following is an excerpt from a recent review of my book, “Step Up and Play Big – Unlock Your Potential to be Exceptional in 8 Simple Steps“, by Bob Wright, Chief Editor at Life Science Leader. His words are more than kind: they provide some additional insight into the message and teachings of my book. 

We’ve all probably encountered the frustrations related to flight delays and cancellations. I recently experienced the latter while on my way to the 35th Annual J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference (commonly referred to as JPM) in San Francisco. Although, one positive did come out of my unplanned delay — it afforded me the opportunity to get through a leadership book I had been meaning to read, Step Up And Play Big by Chris Ruisi.

As I began my review I found myself highlighting concepts in the book, putting stars next to comments I found insightful, as well as bending over page corners I might want to revisit. In his book, Ruisi provides a quick common-sense approach to some best leadership practices. And while I’d encourage you to read the book, I’d like to share a few of his thoughts. Continue reading

Chris Ruisi Grateful Live Life

Enjoy Life and Be Grateful

Well, we just completed what I hope was a restful Thanksgiving weekend. I hope that you let the spirit and intent of the holiday guide you in all that you did. If so, great! If not, you don’t have to wait until next year to take the time to reflect on all of the good things and people in your life.

The fact is we only get one life (and I know we are dead for a long time), so why not get the most out of it? Make it a point to have fun. Taking life too seriously will kill you. You work hard so there should be no guilt associated with the pursuit of happiness and the enjoyment of your life. Look, there is some degree of suffering in each of our lives. Many of us choose – that’s right choose – to suffer longer than we have to or need to. Don’t be a victim of self-induced suffering brought on by all that surrounds us.

If fun doesn’t happen spontaneously, then plan it and make time for it. Just have fun!

Make time every day, to be grateful for all that you have; maybe the first thing in the morning or the last thing every evening. Many of us spend far too much time obsessing either over what others have or what is missing in our lives. If you want more, then pursue it. Look in the mirror daily—you are your own solution to the challenges you face every day. Continue reading

Chris Ruisi On Being Exceptional

It’s Your Choice to Become Exceptional

People who choose to be exceptional think differently than people who work at being average or (worse yet) mediocre. They – a person who is exceptional – have this small but convincing voice in their head that tells them, “Yes you can.” They have a courageous spirit that is more than willing to tackle barriers and obstacles to keep them moving forward towards a desired result.

So, make the committed choice to raise your personal success bar to become exceptional. It involves hard work. But it’s not impossible; it’s very doable. I cannot think of a reason why you would limit yourself. Can you?


Chris Ruisi Exceptional

10 Steps To Help You Become Exceptional

Let’s take a look at what it means to be exceptional:

  1. Being exceptional means being prepared. You set goals and are focused on achieving them. You always have a Plan B if obstacles are encountered.
  2. Being exceptional means being self-confident. You have faith in your abilities. You never give up or get discouraged if things don’t go as planned. You don’t fear mistakes, you learn from them.
  3. Being exceptional means you have a “vision”. It involves more about how you see yourself today and have clarity about where you want to be tomorrow.
  4. Being exceptional means you are very comfortable making decisions that are both relevant and timely.
  5. Being exceptional means you place a high value on your personal integrity in terms of how you earn it and maintain it.
  6. Being exceptional means you start and end every day with a healthy dose of positive attitude and self-talk.
  7. Being exceptional means you know that you can have more, but also recognize that you must work for it and earn it.
  8. Being exceptional means you invest time and effort looking for ways to enhance your habits, skills and abilities to make yourself just a little better each day.
  9. Being exceptional means you never brag about being exceptional. You consistently demonstrate your full capabilities with “quiet confidence” by your actions – that is, there is no need to talk about what you do or how well you do it; your actions are all that others need to see.
  10. Being exceptional means you know how to confront and evaluate fear and take the right risks to move forward.


Exceptional Chris Ruisi

Mediocrity or Exceptional: It’s Your Choice

Jack Welch the legendary CEO of GE once said, “The world today operates as a meritocracy.” Many find it easy to follow the crowd, seek safety in numbers and then get comfortable in a world of being the “same or average”. However, when they see others outside of the crowd achieving things, they complain about being in the crowd! As Yogi Berra once said, “Don’t always follow the crowd, a lot of people go there and it gets too crowded”.

When one gets comfortable, there can be a lack of courage to break from the crowd and explore what exists beyond the current limits of their capabilities so as to discover what they can really accomplish. My point is that far too many make the voluntary choice to perform below their full capabilities because they think it may be too hard to do otherwise.

None of us really know our limits. I do know for a fact that there are no limits to what you can accomplish so long as you are willing to let go of who you are, to become who you are meant to be. Actually, the only limits are those you set for yourself or accept from others.