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Resolutions Are Useless – Build Mental Toughness First

Some view resolutions as statements of intention. However, to be meaningful, resolutions require action.

Success in business (or for that matter anything else) requires action in the form of hard, focused, disciplined and committed work. There are no shortcuts to success.

We can all agree that to be successful requires the proper use of certain knowledge and skills. However, without the proper mental foundation there is no way you can use that knowledge and skill effectively. I refer to this foundation as your “mental toughness”. Developing this mental toughness is a choice. Here are 3 key steps that will get you going in the right direction:

  1. Get Rid of the Clutter – To achieve any meaningful level of success and effective performance, you need to eliminate all of the distractions that waste your time and drain you of your energy. The best way to do eliminate this clutter is to develop clarity on what you want to accomplish. You know…have a clear vision and specific goals to bring that vision to reality.
  1. Focus on Winning – You would be amazed at how many folks focus on avoiding problems, not making mistakes or how not to fail as opposed to “winning”. How many times have we seen in professional sports a team in the lead eventually lose in the end because they became too concerned about “not loosing” as opposed to maintaining their focus on winning. When you don’t focus on winning, you allow events to “control” you and you become a victim as opposed to a master of your circumstances.
  1. Develop Your Risk Taking Skills – To get what you want in business (and in life), you will have to take some risks—logical, well thought-out risks. These types of “risks” usually have a reasonable downside offset by a larger upside or reward. Keep in mind that we all have an “internal risk warning system” that will hold us back and, if unchecked, will cause you to over analyze the risk and stop you in your tracks. The best way to manage this “internal warning system” is to be clear on what you want to do. This will help you to focus on the facts of the issue and not the emotion (fear).

As you begin your journey into 2017, before you get too far along on your resolutions (if you still have them!), start focusing on the possibilities rather than limits or obstacles. Stop letting the world and all of its distractions get in your way.

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