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Think About Chris Ruisi

Here’s Something to Think About

The Christmas and New Year’s Holidays are literally right around the corner.

It’s that time of year where we rush around trying to cram 52 weeks of caring and happiness into the 10 days between December 24th and January 2nd.

Why not try to spread your caring and happiness out over the course of the year? I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

Every year you make a promise to yourself to be better the next year but you repeat the same mistakes year after year.

You tell yourself that, “things have to change.” Change is hard. Things don’t have to change; you have to change! Continue reading

Advice for Graduates-Chris Ruisi

Advice for the Graduates

Graduations have come and gone and now it’s time to enjoy summer – so with the pressure of finals, etc. gone maybe that graduate will be open to some advice.

As you begin your life’s journey, you will come across more things that you will not like before you find that one thing that “clicks.” That search is a good thing because you are learning a lot as you go.

You’re at a great time in your life and it’s time to “get in the game”. Here are several points to keep in mind: Continue reading

Intent Action Chris Ruisi

Intentions or Actions

Intentions are those things you “plan” to do. Depending upon how strong your belief in the intention is, it may be distorting your reality making you believe that you are acting on it. Just knowing what you intend to do it seldom results in action taken or a particular outcome.

All of us either have or can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be very good at what we do. However, the best intentions will not make that happen by itself. Only the decision to act on those intentions can bring about the desired change.

So how do you go about translating your best intentions into the right actions to achieve the desired result? Sometimes in our effort to create the best intentions we continue to ask more questions and require more information than is necessary which leads to procrastination. Consider the following: Continue reading

Pre-Game Mantra Chris Ruisi

7 Steps for Your Pre-Game Mantra

I’ve always encouraged clients, readers and audiences to control their daily destiny by owning the first 15 to 20 minutes of each day before they “officially” start – you know, answering e-mails; text messages and responding to missed calls. These first 15 to 20 minutes are really designed to help you get the right mindset in place for the day. I believe that your mindset will determine the type of day you will have. Hence whatever you can do to put in place the right one, you should do. Right? So here are 7 very simple steps you can take. As you will note, they represent positive and specific “self-talk.” Continue reading

Chris Ruisi - Goal Setting Tips

The Importance of Goal Setting

Goal setting is as important in your personal life as it is in business. The most common denominator in all the self-help literature and books is the importance of goal setting.

Despite their obvious value, our experience with goals has shown that some are good at setting goals, sticking to them and achieving great results, while others can’t keep a New Year’s resolution to stop smoking for two days in a row.

Here is the key point to keep in mind: winners have specific goals. Without specific goals, there is no way you can determine the most important tasks. There is nothing more powerful to your workday than knowing your purpose and executing it in an effective manner. Your life will take on a real meaning once you begin to adopt a goals mentality and focus. Continue reading

Chris Ruisi Blank Canvas

It’s Never Too Late

At one minute past midnight on January 1st, we all had the same opportunity presented to us. We all were given a clean blank canvas to use to draw our future success. So with the New Year now 9 days old, let me ask: What did you draw?

  • Did it show more of the same or a bold picture of what you are truly capable of achieving?
  • Did you draw a future that is below your capabilities or one that will offer you growth and success?
  • Did your picture show your knowledge and skills getting stale or did you draw what it looks like when you truly invest in yourself and your future?
  • Did your picture show you being victimized by distractions or circumstance, or did it depict you as a master of your circumstances?
  • Did your picture show how you will be different in 2017 or did it show you “stuck in the mud” and re-living all of what you wish you had changed last year?

Continue reading

Chris Ruisi

How “Ya” Doing?

We’re rapidly approaching the halfway point for 2016. Time goes by fast, when you’re having fun and painfully slow when you’re not. So, the obvious questions are:

  • Are you on track to achieve your business/revenue goals for 2016?
  • Is your team properly aligned with your strategy and vision to give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace?
  • Is your marketing working effectively generating new business as well as incremental business from your existing customers?
  • Are you feeling stressed, frustrated or anxious about your current circumstances and what problems might lie ahead?

Depending upon your responses, it might be a good time to conduct a strategic review of the relationships between your organization’s strategy, structure, systems and people to make certain they are in sync with your profit objections. Or are you willing to allow an unhealthy status quo drive you into the worst business killer out there: Complacency?

It might just be time to do something different before you are forced into doing something different.


How to Master Distractions

5 Ways You Can Master Distractions

Do you find that during any given week you waste time and money, and miss opportunities? Do you find yourself involved in “fire-fighting”, moving from crisis-to-crisis? Are you very busy, running from task-to-task and meeting-to-meeting but still see no progress being made? Without specific goals, there is no way you can determine what are the most important tasks, and what you should be working on.

To be “The Master” of those things that distract you, use any one of these 5 tactics:

  1. Make sure everyone on your team knows what they must do, why they do it and how to do it. Make sure your team is trained and proficient in their roles. Set performance expectations, communicate them and then hold them accountable for meeting the standards you have set.
  2. Always have a daily plan, outlining what the top 1 to 3 things are that you must accomplish that day.
  3. Identify what barriers might stop you from achieving your goals for the day. Have ready a contingency plan if you get stalled.
  4. Do you find that nothing gets done, unless you do it? Are you properly delegating or are you just taking on other people’s problems?
  5. Schedule a 1-hour appointment each week with “yourself”. Put it on your calendar. You need the time to re-group and re-focus on the right things.

Noting more to add. Trust me, this “stuff” works. But, you must be committed to work the stuff. You have the tools to regain and maintain control. It only requires your commitment to get started.


Courage & Self-Confidence – Jonah’s Excellent Adventure

Jonah Courage and Self-ConfidenceAbout a week ago I traveled to Costa Rica for a fishing trip with two of my sons, a close friend and my 7 year-old grandson Jonah.

The food, condo, people and fishing were all “outstanding” and we had a great time. But, the best time was had by my grandson Jonah. He had what could only be described as an “excellent adventure”.

What made it an excellent adventure for Jonah was his “courage” to try something new…and new it was! His something “new” was to have the courage to head out into the Pacific Ocean, with no land in site, to try and catch his first Pacific Sailfish. He knew that in order to accomplish this goal he had to suppress any feelings of fear, and replace them with the excitement of doing something that would lead him towards achieving his goal. It was a great example of what I often describe of getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Continue reading

It’s About You and Not a Resolution

Well, we’re about midway through the holiday season with the beginning of the New Year only 3 days away. Let me suggest that to make this holiday and next year more meaningful for you – instead of making resolutions or promises that you probably will not keep – that you ask and answer the three questions that follow. Why? Because the answers to these questions will help you identify specific actions you can take to use the knowledge and skills you have to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

The 3 Questions:

  1. What’s the one or two things that you’re really good at (it’s okay to acknowledge what you do well, really, it is)? How and where can you use these attributes in your business, your life or to help someone else?
  1. What’s one thing you want to be better at or learn how to do? Now, identify the first three steps you have to take to get started and the date by which you will take the first step, and the date you will have completed all three.
  1. What are at least 5 things you do that allows you to offer value to or help others—family, friends, customers or clients? Use this list as a periodic reminder (make it as long as you want, the longer the better!) that you are a valuable person and that the things that you do, actually do matter. Sometimes we allow others or circumstances to make us feel less valuable than we really are. This list will help you remember that you are valuable and maybe even pretty cool! Look for ways throughout the year to add more things to the list.

I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and wish you all a healthy, safe and prosperous New Year!