Chris Ruisi: A Leadership Speaker with real-world experience to help you grow and develop into the leader you're meant to be.

Motivational Leadership Speaker

A motivational leadership speaker, Chris engages your group, leading them to take immediate steps towards growth.

Inspirational Leadership Speaker

Using real world examples from his own leadership experiences, Chris inspires your group to think different and grow as leaders.

Humorous Leadership Speaker

Because sometimes you have to laugh at yourself, Chris uses humor to illustrate the examples of the circumstances a leader encounters.

It Takes a Leader...

Drawing on his 35+ years as a C-level executive on the corporate front lines, Chris helps his audience discover how to use the full measure of their capabilities in a way that is intelligent, relatable and humorous.

And his experience doesn't end in the boardroom…Chris coaches entrepreneurs, C-level management, business owners and team members. He is a best-selling author, is published in the media by Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, and others. The bottomline is that Chris is a Leadership Speaker that speaks on experiences at many different levels and within many different scenarios.
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“I learned more in 90 minutes with you than hours of time spent with many other business development sources.”


“He has the unique ability to make complex subjects simple to understand.”

Chris Ruisi Leadership Speaker


“I walked away with motivation and renewed energy.”


“Chris Ruisi’s captivating keynote had our nationwide network of state leaders laughing as they reflected on the typical ways they handle life’s everyday stressors.”

Topics that Help Leaders Grow

Leadership speakers that successfully engage an audience share topics that inspire them to see the “possibilities”—to Step Up and Play Big. Chris looks to take it to yet another level: he focuses on giving them the tools they need to continually grow, because companies today are faced with many challenges and uncertainty, which leads to a short-term focus.

Leaders need to develop their problem-solving skills and create a more innovative culture that embraces growth. Chris will lead your team to "Get Their Head out of The Sand", help them understand what it means to be an "Exceptional Leader" and how to get "Comfortable being Uncomfortable" so your company can thrive with a "Culture of Engaged Employees".
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  • He makes listening and learning easy, as well as practical.
    Doug Godfrey
  • Chris’ presentation style makes one feel they are engaged in a one-on-one conversation.
    Jill G. Rowland
  • All of our attendees left feeling energized and excited about the possibilities.
    Allison C. Williams, Esq.

A Leader in Action

A leadership speaker that motivates, inspires, educates and makes you think...that's Chris Ruisi. And he does so in his own inimitable, humorous and candid style.

A Leadership Speaker that Engages

Motivating. Inspiring. Engaging. The audience responds...

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You bring the audience: Chris will deliver engaging and inspiring content in a way few others can.
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