4 Great Questions Every Leader Needs to Ask

We judge our leaders by the quality of the results they achieve. These results are achieved by the quality of the decisions they make. The quality of their decisions is directly related to the quality of the information they have available to them. Sometimes, they must make their decisions based on either incomplete or imperfect information. In these situations, they rely on their “gut” which is related to what they learned from their past experiences. Regardless, they need to have an effective way to get the information they need.

Here’s my point: the best leaders know how to ask the best questions to help them gather the right information they need to make the best decisions.

The important question for you is this: What questions are you asking – on a regular and consistent basis – to get the right information you need, when you need it to achieve the level of success you want?

To achieve success, you must be able to learn the right things from the past, build a plan and implement it in the present. To learn these “right things,” you must have the right questions to ask. It’s just that simple.

Many of us live in or spend way too much time in the past. Don’t! Rather, learn from it. It’s only when we stop and assess our past activities, successes and mistakes will that information become useful.

To help you on this journey, at the completion of every major task or project, whether it went well or not, ask these four questions:

If we had to re-do this task again in the future, based on the actual results we achieved, what should we:

  1. Start Doing?
  2. Stop Doing?
  3. Do More Of?
  4. Do Less Of?

When reviewing your past activities/results, you’re not looking to make excuses or blame someone or something. Rather it’s a discovery and learning process. One critical way to improve is to be honest and candid with yourself about what has already taken place. Championship teams do this after every game.

The entire point of asking these four questions is to identify the changes you need to make in order to make enhancements to your skills and habits which will translate into improved action and results for you and your business in the future.

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