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Are You Really Productive or Collecting “To-Do’s”?

Productive people get more done, achieve better results and earn far more than everyone else by devoting maximum time on being “focused” on their top priority.

Focus is a matter of deciding on what things you’re not going to do. Great results are achieved by how narrow you can make your focus. You need to be doing fewer things for a greater effect or impact, instead of doing more things that only results in side effects.

We all have a hard time finding that one thing because we’re committed to too many other things. We tell ourselves several lies:

  1. Everything matters equally.
  2. We think multitasking is good and never ask why we multitask.
  3. We think it’s too hard to be disciplined.

No matter how many “to-do’s” you start the day with on your list—you can always go narrow where you start first to work on the most important task first. Doing the most important thing first is always your most important thing!


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