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Becoming Your Future You…Now

Just before he died, renowned playwright George Bernard Shaw was asked to name a famous deceased man whom he missed the most. Shaw replied, “The man I miss the most is the man I could have been.” This was an interesting response from Shaw in his final days.

There is never a good time to question lost opportunities and go through the “would have, should have or could have” analysis. But imagine having to realize what you did not accomplish when you don’t have enough time left to change the outcome! Talk about a “worst case” scenario! So why wait until it is too late? You have the choice to take action now to begin to create the destiny you want.

First, create a description of the future you; how you want others to describe you and how you will create value for others and your company in your future role. Be specific – you want clarity. The clearer you are, the more likely it is that you will achieve your desired outcome.

Secondly, have confidence in your ability to be successful in creating the “you of tomorrow.” Have no doubt or fear. Start acting like that person right now – today. Will you make a mistake here and there? Of course, you always try to “learn from the experience.” Never let anyone talk you out of your dreams or try to hold you back. Remember the Met’s battle cry: “You’ve gotta believe!”

Next, act like you’re already the “tomorrow you.” This will require every bit of self-discipline and persistence you can muster. Why? Because the task of creating your future is hard work and you’ll encounter many risks and barriers.

Finally, look for every opportunity to challenge yourself to be better. A key as part of this challenge will be to look for every chance to learn and apply that knowledge.

Remember, your future success is a choice. You have to choose to want to be successful. Giving up or quitting is a choice. Doing nothing is also a choice. To quote a line from an Indiana Jones movie: “Choose wisely.” Just remember, it’s never too late to accomplish the things you want to accomplish.

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