Building a Winning Team

Chris Ruisi Driving Business Growth Podcast

Every leader thinks they have a winning team. But do they? Ask yourself, “Do I have a team that wants to win or just a group of folks who show up, do no more than what they are asked to do, collect a check and do the same thing again every week?” In this episode, Chris explains the 8 characteristics of a winning team and how to develop these characteristics in your team. Listen in to learn how to stop managing your team and start leading them, so that they become the most unstoppable competitive advantage that differentiates your company in the marketplace.



A podcast series for business leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs and business professionals designed to provide valuable knowledge and techniques on how to drive the growth of your business. Executive Coach, Motivational Business and Leadership Speaker, and Best Selling Author Chris Ruisi will cover important topics such as Enhanced Personal Productivity; Developing and Maintaining the Right Mindset; Building Effective Systems to Run Your Business; Leadership Skills for Success and How to Select and Retain the Right People.




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