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A new video series featuring 22 individual videos covering such topics as Vision and Goals; Communication Skills; Having the Right Mindset; Decision Making; Complacency; Handling Distractions; Hiring Franchise Players and many more valuable topics that can impact your personal and business success.

Success Habits: Developing Teams

One thing that’s common to most business owners is that they have a team. It’s one of the most important aspects of a successful business. How do you develop a team that’s prepared to align your business for success? Chris shares his tips on setting the proper expectations, a useful tool in the training, development and education of your team.

Success Habits: Communications Skills

How often do you find yourself in a situation where the person you’re speaking to is just not getting what you’re trying to say? Good communication is about getting all the moving parts working together – without friction. Here’s how to get rid of the friction and communicate better.