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Consistency: The Path to Becoming a Trusted Leader

It’s a known fact that consistency builds trust and trust is one of the key attributes a leader must have. Leaders need to demonstrate consistently to their teams that they can be trusted. When people trust someone, they tend to listen to that person and are willing to follow them.

Let’s look at five simple “consistent” actions a leader can take to build their trust factor:

  1. Always be honest with your team even when it involves bad news. Your team can handle bad or tough news so long as you are honest with them about it. No spin; just the truth.
  2. Always admit to your mistakes. When your team sees you doing that on a consistent basis, they know that you are not only human but someone who values personal accountability and responsibility.
  3. Always focus on just those things you can control. A leader who tries to control everything usually goes in different directions at the same time. They are activity “rich” and results “poor.” This scattered “try to do everything” approach wears down a team’s energy and spirit.
  4. Always ask for your team’s input whenever the opportunity presents itself. People are most productive when they feel involved. When the leader consistently asks for their advice, it shows that he cares. That builds credibility and earns trust.
  5. Always do the right thing. One of the key responsibilities of a leader is to consistently set the rules of performance for their organization. When a leader consistently does the “right thing” he demonstrates what his values are and that he or she has character. Teams trust a leader with character because they know he will consistently do the right thing for them.

There’s a simple expression I like to use to demonstrate the relationship between consistency and trust: “Consistency builds trust, trust builds relationships, relationships build teams and teams build businesses.” If you’re a leader, or want to be one, first learn to be consistent.


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