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To achieve success, you have to know how to deal with distractions – and we all know that there can be a lot of them. Sometimes we allow them to get us off course. Distractions like moving from crisis to crisis, or being pulled in multiple directions take a serious toll on us mentally, physically and financially.

Here are several things that you can take action on to effectively manage distractions:

  1. You need to have a vision (1 to 2 years out) for your business or career. Without a specific vision, there is no way you can focus and set realistic goals to move forward.
  2. Clarity of roles and expectations is critical for you to have any chance of succeeding. Have a daily plan, outlining what the top 1 to 3 things are that you need to accomplish.
  3. In many cases, you’re letting the day, week or month control you as opposed to you taking charge. You may be finding that nothing gets done unless you do it. Are you delegating? Look at the skills of your team and “fix” why others can’t do the work that you are doing. Whatever it is.
  4. Make sure your team understands their roles, what they do, how to do it and why they do what they do. Once they understand their roles make sure they are proficient.

Being productive can sometimes be like traveling through a maze of distractions as shown in the following graphic.

Personal Productivity Challenge - Chris Ruisi

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