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Freedom Requires Sacrifice

It’s Memorial Day! As a result of the current three-day weekend arrangement and activities associated with it, we can become easily distracted from the day’s original meaning and the traditions aligned with it. One such tradition, conceived by poet Morina Michael, was to wear red poppies on Memorial Day “in honor of those who died while serving the nation during war.”

We cherish too, the poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led.
It seems to signal to the skies
That the blood of heroes never dies.
– Morina Michael

This year is especially meaningful to us because my wife and I had the excitement and honor to watch our youngest son – Lt. Andrew Ruisi – lead a four-plane formation of F -18 Super Hornets in a flyover at the Met Game on Sunday, May 26th to coincide with the end of The Star Spangled Banner. And today, May 27th, at 12 noon, he will participate with these same four planes in a flyover of the Missing Man Formation – to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice – at the Intrepid Museum here in NYC.

Memorial Day is that one day (but there should be more) when we stop and honor those who made the supreme sacrifice in our nation’s service – to protect and preserve the freedoms we enjoy.

Happy Memorial Day!

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