If the Student Hasn’t Learned, Maybe the Teacher Hasn’t Taught

I am constantly running into leaders and entrepreneurs who lament about the same challenge. Namely, their team’s performance is either not in sync with or not sufficient enough to help them make their vision a reality. I have even coached some of these “team challenged” folks. Some never got it and have gone elsewhere to seek fame. Others have gotten it and are achieving success.

As you drill down into their challenge it becomes apparent that some have only scratched the surface teaching their team specifically how their individual performance connects with and drives their vision. Even worse, some do nothing to help their team make the connection. Hence, the title of this morning’s Wake-up Call.

I had a former client who worked extremely hard creating what was an excellent vision. He was frustrated because his team never knew how to buy in completely to the vision and as such could not make it a reality. His response was to revise the vision versus working with his team to show, or should I say, teach them the connection between their performance and the vision.

On an overall basis, each of your team members should understand the following:

  1. why their job exists;
  2. what is its primary role;
  3. the value it creates for your company, and
  4. the value it creates for your customers.

In order to help your employees grasp the “how to” of these four points, start with making sure each of your team members is proficient on:

  1. What they do
  2. How to do it
  3. When to do it
  4. Why they do it
  5. Who they do it for (internal relationships or external customers)
  6. Where it fits in (to the total vision)

You might be thinking that everything I’ve outlined requires hard work and focus. Well, you’re right, it does require hard work and focus and time. But isn’t achieving success and creating your future worth it?

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