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Is it Rush Rush Rush Or A Healthy Sense of Urgency?

In almost all of my client coaching relationships, the subject of the importance of a healthy sense of urgency comes up.

Creating a healthy sense of urgency doesn’t happen without a great deal of effort and commitment on the part of its leader to get the process started, and to have the courage to stick with it. Make no mistake, a sense of urgency culture starts with the leader.

To get started creating this sense of urgency culture within your company, consider the following:

  • You have to create an orientation towards decision-making and action. While reviewing data on which to make a decision is important, you don’t want to get so caught up in data review that you end up studying all the sides of a circle. At some point, a decision needs to be made and action taken. If you make the wrong decision, make another to make it right. Customers and clients want fast action; if you can also deliver it correctly, you have a competitive advantage.
  • All of the processes within your company must be results driven. Sometimes, as companies grow they create layers and layers of rules and procedures. Eventually, they put too many in place and find it difficult to undo them because they have become deeply ingrained into the company’s daily operations. The result is that the company becomes slow and cumbersome in every aspect of its services. The leader needs to cut through this and eliminate anything that slows the decision-making process down.
  • The leader needs to re-focus his team’s attention on achieving the right (and measurable) outcomes. When companies exist just to maintain the status quo, their teams focus on and measure the wrong things. To them, checking off items on a project list is how they define success. They become lost in the weeds of tasks and not the results.

Every day, we experience what the lack of a sense of urgency looks like. As such, if you make the decision to create and nurture a strategy built around a dynamic sense of urgency, you will create a competitive advantage.


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