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It’s Your Team!

The success of any company is directly related to the quality of their team. As such, it stands to reason that you should be investing time and money in the training of your team to deliver the product and service – and experience – that you desire and, more importantly, that your customer desires.

Now, when I talk about training I’m also including that the team member is “proficient” in the task for which they were given the training. Far too many of you consider just showing a person how to perform a task is all the training they need. Without measuring their proficiency, you’re just wasting time and money. And, in my opinion, proficiency includes that they know not only the “what, when and how” but why they do it, who they do it for and where it all fits into the total picture of your business.

I’m amazed at how little time some business owners spend on investing in the training and education of their team, knowing full well that their teams are the first line of contact and interaction with their clients. You know: The people who buy. Let’s get this straight—if your team does its job well, your customers will respond by buying not only in the present, but again in the future. And, they will probably tell others just how great your team treated them. And, what’s wrong with that?


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