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More “No”

I received some great feedback and comments from many of you regarding my last week wake-up call regarding the importance of saying “no” when appropriate.

During the week I had some subsequent conversations with clients about it and thought that it would be helpful to expand further on at least two areas where saying no is of critical importance to you, the development and the success of your company.

First, when you are working on something important to you and give in with a “yes” to the question “Do you have a minute?” you are basically giving up any control over your own destiny. Being a good leader doesn’t mean you are constantly available to everyone. It’s impossible to function effectively that way.

In most cases, the person can wait or better yet go find the information they need on their own. Say “no” and give them a specific time at your convenience to come back. If it’s a serious crisis, they will tell you. Treat your time as your most valuable resource, because it is!

Next, there are many of you out there who believe that only you can have all the answers to all of the questions and problems that come up in your business every day. That thinking is not only naive but more importantly, it is dangerous. You need to let go – say “no” – to trying to function as the only expert in your business.

Eventually, you will become the major reason why things don’t get done in your business because everyone will be waiting for you to come up with the answer or information. At the same time, you will have developed a mediocre team who doesn’t have to work hard because you will always have the answers – right or wrong. You’re basically insecure – work on that first.

If success is what you seek, then when appropriate, “No” is the choice you must make.

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