Passion and Vision

Be passionate about what you do. Passion is the fuel that drives you. Passion is what allows you to put yourself on fire. It makes you remarkable.

If you are not passionate about what you do, how do you expect to get others to take notice of what products and services you offer? It is also the single most important asset you have to help you deflect the many distractions and doubts that you will face. It is the compass that shows you the right direction to take when you are faced with obstacles, or even just speed bumps that slow you down. Obstacles in life are there not to stop us but rather to see how badly we want something – our passion is what sees us through.

You need to find your passion and purpose to be “big” inside. When you’re big inside, you have the confidence to act big on the outside.

Next is your vision. Have a vision for yourself and your business. Create the clearest picture possible of what you want to accomplish. Be specific. The more specific you are, the more likely you will achieve it. When creating your vision, dream big. You can accomplish as much as you can dream, so dream big. While your passion is the wind in your sails, your vision is the rudder on your ship.

Without a strong rudder (vision) you cannot control your direction. You are at the mercy of the seas. It doesn’t matter how much passion you have, without a vision you’re headed east of nowhere. Without a vision, nothing happens. A vision without passion is like trying to start a fire with damp wood: it flickers and then it goes out.


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