Personal Productivity Starts with YOU Management

Chris Ruisi Driving Business Growth Podcast


The reality is that time management does not exist. You cannot manage time. It’s about how you have the time available to you everyday. Many of you operate like a one-armed paperhanger, struggling to maintain the status quo and never getting beyond the first sheet of wallpaper. Instead, here are 10 ways to effectively manage yourself and learn how to practice productive YOU management.



A podcast series for business leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs and business professionals designed to provide valuable knowledge and techniques on how to drive the growth of your business. Executive Coach, Motivational Business and Leadership Speaker, and Best Selling Author Chris Ruisi will cover important topics such as Enhanced Personal Productivity; Developing and Maintaining the Right Mindset; Building Effective Systems to Run Your Business; Leadership Skills for Success and How to Select and Retain the Right People.




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