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Stop Complaining

We’re challenged every day by distractions and issues so much so that we lose focus and allow ourselves to become the victim of our circumstances as opposed to the master of them.

When this happens, one of the easiest (and unfortunately most common) reactions is to complain about what is happening. When we allow complaining to be our “usual” response to problems, we start to lose sight of our ability to achieve our goals. If you make this a “habit,” you could find yourself in a downward spiral that you may not get out of.

You must work hard to gain back control and take charge of your destiny. But how? For starters, remember that we cannot control many of the outside forces or events that are impacting us – so focus on what you can control. Next, here are 5 simple actions you can take:

  1. Get moving – don’t stand there and think; action gets action. You stall…you lose – change the way you think.
  2. Put yourself in a 10-minute time-out to give yourself some time to do a mental reboot and to allow you to look at the issue from a different perspective.
  3. Instead of complaining – which in a strange way makes you feel good – start thinking about alternatives or solutions to the problems. Solving problems will make you feel better.
  4. There is always one step you can take to turn the tide in your favor – find it and take it.
  5. If you’re confused about the next step, seek the advice of someone you respect. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help; rather it’s a sign of strength that you are committed to finding a solution.

Fact # 1: We are dead for a long time. Fact # 2: You only get one life, so why not get the most out of it? Don’t limit or even shorten your life by complaining. There is some degree of suffering in each of our lives. But suffering is a choice. We choose what we want to suffer about and how long we are willing to suffer. Don’t be a victim of self-induced suffering brought on by all the things you complain about.

Many of us spend far too much time complaining either over what others have or what is missing in our lives. If you want more, then stop complaining and actively pursue your goals.


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