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Stuff You Need to Think About This Week

Sometimes between all of the activity we deal with the simplest message is able to get through and have the greatest impact. So, here’s some “stuff you need to think about” and act on this week to help you be in control:

  • Own the first 15 minutes of each day. Plan your day, review your calendar, schedule deadlines, and write a short “to do” list. Use this time as a chance to think about your vision and how you’ll pursue it.
  • Don’t waste your time by looking through your junk mail. Feed your wastebasket and find a place for everything that’s worth keeping.
  • Many of the things on your desk are really just unnecessary clutter that’s distracting you from your goals. Get rid of it!
  • Some people can fight distractions, but most of us get pulled in or seduced by them. Don’t let yourself become a victim of self-inflicted distractions. Learn to say no.
  • Ask yourself every day, “What is the one thing that I should do to get closer to achieving my goal or desired result?”
  • Make a list of high value projects that will increase your business’ revenue and productivity. Stay on track and realize your vision by getting the right things done.


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