Chris Ruisi Go-To Person's Guide to Success

Success is a Choice

Success is a choice. It requires an optimistic, healthy state of mind fueled by a strong belief in yourself. Do you want to be seen as a go-to person by your boss and other senior people? Do you want to be known as someone who can be depended on to get things done; someone who not only does what’s expected of them but someone who goes the extra mile?

You are the creator of your own destiny. What specific actions can you take right now that will improve your lot in life? How can you better manage your current circumstances instead of being a victim of them? Anyone can be average, but with some extra effort (not as much as you might think), you can be above average.

If you agree that success is a choice, what would it mean to you if I could show you a practical and pragmatic approach to build internal trust, earn respect and establish more credibility within your company that will help you achieve more success?

Making the choice to maximize your success as a go-to person is a forever, binding decision. It requires daily practice, a clear mindset, and a constructive offense centered on being the person you want to be. Learn the skills and behaviors necessary to make the most of your relationship with your boss, peers, and co-workers so everyone succeeds.

Readers of my new book, “The Go-To Person’s Guide to Successcan expect to learn how to create their own practical and pragmatic approach to achieving success. If you’re someone who is looking for job growth and satisfaction and the opportunity to make a difference for yourself and for those around you, The Go-To Person’s Guide to Success is your only “choice”.



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