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You Can’t Have Confidence Without Willingness

Chris Ruisi Driving Business Growth Podcast

We all want to feel confident in ourselves. Self-confidence is one the keys to our ability to accomplish more and grow personally and professionally. Many talk about wanting to increase self-confidence but few are prepared to willingly do what is required to actually become more self-confident. Chris explains how personal willingness involves taking ACTION. In other words, to be more confident means you’re willing to act to first satisfy yourself (and no one else) that you did your very best.



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Confidence = Willingness

Many of us talk about confidence, want more confidence, and struggle with building and maintaining our self-confidence in the face of the challenges we deal with it every day.

When I talk about confidence, I frame it up around the concept of your “personal willingness”. Let me explain what I mean. Confidence is your personal willingness to:

  1. Keep moving forward towards the achievement of your goals; you’re persistent and consistent.
  1. Put yourself out there for others to see and judge, because you know what you’re doing is the right thing.
  1. Stick your neck out and take a risk.

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