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Chris Ruisi Distractions


To achieve success, you have to know how to deal with distractions – and we all know that there can be a lot of them. Sometimes we allow them to get us off course. Distractions like moving from crisis to crisis, or being pulled in multiple directions take a serious toll on us mentally, physically and financially.

Here are several things that you can take action on to effectively manage distractions: Continue reading

Are You Taking Care of Your Foreign Objects?

Foreign Objects Distractions

As some of you may know, our youngest son is a naval aviator who flies an F-18 Super Hornet on and off the deck of an aircraft carrier. As big and as fast as an F-18 is, it is susceptible to damage from objects on the carrier deck that might be sucked into its engines. The damage can be so severe that the safety of the crew and the jet are at risk.

As such, sailors perform a foreign object debris (FOD) walk down on the flight deck of the carrier every day picking and collecting anything, regardless of how small it is, that could cause a significant problem. Continue reading