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The Problem and Solution Can Usually Be Found At The Top



When solving organizational problems, Chris learned from his past experiences that a top down approach was the fastest way to uncover the cause of the problem and the fastest path to the solution. Chris discusses the importance of leading the team and setting the right performance expectations.



Chris Ruisi’s “Step Up and Play Big Moments” is all about personal and business success. Chris’s goal is to offer today’s entrepreneurs, CEO’s and business leader’s practical guidance, tips, strategies and tactics that work in today’s challenging business climate. Chris brings his practical and successful experience at senior level management and Board positions to help his listeners cut through the clutter to Step Up and Play Big. Also available on iTunes.



The Path to Becoming an Exceptional HR Leader: Step 1

Using the Exceptional HR Leader Checklist

The first step in becoming an Exceptional HR Leader is for you to “commit” to learning as much as you can about your company: its core business and operations. Coupled with this would be leaning more about the industry your company is part of.

Why, you might ask? Because the more you know about your company, how it works, and its “why” – i.e., the needs it addresses – the more likely you will be able to provide meaningful value. Continue reading

Are You a Master or a Victim? It’s Your Choice.

Given how rapidly the “HR World” has (and continues) to evolve, if you don’t pay close attention to what’s going on around you (and what’s coming around the next corner) you could end up as business “road kill”. That is, your demise would be directly related to not seeing it coming until it’s too late; you get run over and an opportunity passes you by.

We live and work in a rapidly changing world. If you’re not paying attention – not seeing what’s coming – you will miss the future challenges that your company may face and how you can be a part of the solution. Continue reading