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The Better Leaders Are Always Learning

Becoming a better leader isn’t easy. The fact is, not everyone can or will become a great leader. However, everyone can become a better leader than they are today – if they make the choice to do so. Becoming a better leader requires hard work and focus, but it is far from impossible.

The one common trait shared by those who desire to become a better leader is a commitment to continuous and ongoing learning. They want to be better and they work at it every day! They just don’t talk about it; they act on it every day. They put personal growth and development at the top of their daily and strategic agenda. Becoming a “better leader” is an ongoing effort.

The next area “better leaders” focus on is how to add to their knowledge base by learning new skills that will help them deliver even better results. How do they accomplish this? Consider some of these points:

  • Some of the best learning comes from listening to others, accepting feedback and acting on what you learn.
  • Learn from others; find experts who have the knowledge or skill you want to acquire and ask for their help, very few will reject your request.
  • Learn to ask questions; keep asking questions until you’ve satisfied your knowledge needs, and remember there are no stupid questions, just those that need a better follow-up question.


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