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The Year of “No”

As we embark upon the beginning of 2019 many are going through the annual resolution setting ritual. Goals are being set and promises made of which many will eventually be broken.

I’d like to suggest a different approach for you to achieve success and growth in 2019. It’s simple really but will require your very best commitment and self-discipline to follow it effectively. Simply stated, learn how to say “No” when:

  • you allow distractions to take you away from working on the most important task.
  • you allow fear, doubt and living in the past to consume you and drive you off track.
  • you hear those famous words “do you have a minute to discuss something” and you don’t have the time.
  • others ask you to do their work for them because they just don’t feel like doing it.
  • you take on less than ideal customers who do nothing but disrupt your operations: pay slow, suck you dry of your energy and passion and are a drain on your income.
  • you are tempted to “wing it” and practice harmful multitasking due to your belief that being busy is better than working on the right things.
  • you tolerate less than satisfactory performance on the part of one your team members causing resentment and lower levels of productivity.

In order to step up and play bigger than you have in the past, you need to trust in your abilities, overcome fear and start to use the talent that you already have within you that is lying dormant because of your reluctance to take the appropriate risk to play at a higher level. You are your own most growth limiting factor and you are also your greatest success factor. You just have to choose which you will act on!

It’s time to say “No” to accepting the status quo and “No” to allowing yourself to continue to be a victim of your circumstances.


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