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Want to Be a Success? Then Act Like You’re A Success.

Everyone wants to be a success. Yet very few realize the full measure of what it means to be a success. They end up settling for something less than what they originally set out to achieve. While success is personal to each of us, from my own observations there are common qualities and habits that the most successful people possess.

Look at this list of “10” ways successful people act and see how you measure up:

  1. They are always learning and looking for ways to acquire or build new skills.
  2. They expect to be successful; they start every day, every assignment with a strong sense of self-belief in what they will accomplish.
  3. They consistently do more than what others expect them to do and welcome the opportunity to do even more.
  4. They are driven (in a healthy sense) every day by the goals they set and the actions they take to achieve them.
  5. They constantly learn from their experiences – the “wins” and the “failures and mistakes” – to improve their future performance.
  6. They manage their priorities, rather than a “to-do” list.
  7. They never make excuses or blame others; they take complete responsibility for their actions and outcomes.
  8. They are not distracted or discouraged by obstacles, barriers or setbacks; they are always seeking a “way forward.”
  9. They are always asking themselves, “How can I make it better?”
  10. They strive to be an example for others demonstrating that success, while a choice and a commitment to work hard, is within each of our grasps.

As I mentioned at the beginning, these are some of my own thoughts on the subject of “success” and are shared to give you a place to start. But, you have to “choose” to start. Are you committed to do so? You owe yourself the answer to that question.

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