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As some of you may know, back in 2014-2015 I hosted a weekly “live” Internet radio show on Voice America. What follows are some of the key learning highlights from these shows. The learnings then from my great guests are just as valuable now as they were then—read, learn and apply.

Customer Service – In order to be customer-centric, you need to focus on your employees first. Create an internal culture that’s congruent to your external image. Treat employees the way you want your customers to be, maybe even better. What’s happening on the inside will be felt on the outside.

Hiring – The only reason to hire someone is to satisfy a business need. Create a job profile: a document identifying your business needs and what that person has to do to deliver that need. Understand what it is that you need to solve before you start the hiring process.

Success – Success is a repeatable formula that takes hard work, persistence, diligence, and self-motivation. Be crystal clear with your vision and goals. You need to know what your end game is so you can be successful. Continue to stretch yourself with larger goals that may seem unattainable now, but remember, if others can achieve it, so can you.

Challenges – When you’re facing a challenge, work through it, thrive to overcome it, and achieve it. You have to face fears to achieve success. Be ready with a plan and be agile. Even if you slow down, never stop. Overcoming your fears and surmounting obstacles helps build confidence for future pursuits.

Be Your Best – Understand what your “best” is, then focus on what routine you need to follow to be at your “best” and what outcomes you hope to see in your life when you’re consistently at your “best.”

Step Up and Play Big – Far too many people make the voluntary choice to perform below their capabilities and stay in the “comfort zone,” creating self-imposed boundaries. When you accept the status quo, you become a victim. Realize that you alone are responsible for your life, career, and future. So, step up and play big to become a master of your circumstances. Nothing will come to you unless you act first.


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