Chris Ruisi

What Other People Think About Me is None of My Business

Many of you go through life constantly worrying or obsessing over what others might think about you. You go out of your way to be liked; so much so you even compromise on your own values. You try way too hard to be part of who you perceive to be the “in” crowd. Most of these “crowds” really don’t care about you, so you end up being “alone” in a group. Why not be your own “in” crowd and attract the right people to be with? Stop looking for permission to act even though no one’s permission is needed. You are driven to want to be liked versus being respected. Stop sacrificing your own self-esteem and self-worth for others. Be the person who you respect first—the rest becomes easy after that.

We all have a lot to do. Our time is a fixed and precious resource. Stop wasting it trying to be someone others will like but you don’t. Use your time to get the right things done that will help you make your vision a reality. Use your time to invest in “you” to learn and make yourself better. Use your time to make your team and company better. Use your time to help others. Use your time to become a person of influence who others will seek out.


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