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If you are going to Step Up and Play Big, you need to make learning a constant in your daily plans. Here are links to help you stretch and grow.

NEW! The Go-To Person‘s Guide to Success: The "Playbook" for anyone who has a boss, for anyone who is the boss, or for anyone who wants to be the boss. If you want to be better than average and are willing to put forth the effort to demonstrate the value you bring to the table, then this is the book to help get you there.

Let Me Draw You a Picture to Achieve Business Success: The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” was one of the motivating factors behind the creation of this tool.

Personal Productivity eBook: Personal Productivity is the building block of all business profit—and a business can’t have unproductive people and still be profitable. Many people have no idea on how to be truly productive. In Chris' free ebook, you'll find a compilation of some of his best articles on personal productivity.

Step Up and Play Big Personal Excellence Quotes: Chris' motivational book that will help give you the confidence boost you never knew you needed to make the personal transformation you’ve been seeking.

The Step Up and Play Big Entrepreneurial Success Program: A new self-learning series available as an e-book or audio book to allow you to learn at your pace, in your own environment. Learn the 7 strategies you need to start on NOW to thrive as an entrepreneur for a price anyone can afford: starting at $17.

The Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: A weekly dose of practical advice and proven business tools and strategies delivered every Monday morning to your in-box, in Chris’ direct and unique style.

The Weekly Mind Jolt Video Coaching Series: A series of 50 videos delivered to your inbox each week, designed for people who want to learn how to get ahead, but don't have the time, or can't make the financial investment required to hire a full-time coach.

The Monday Morning Wake-Up Call Newsletter Archive: Get a glimpse at the most recent issues!

Quotes: Chris' quotes to get you focused, and to get started or to get back on your path to success.


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