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Let Me Draw You a Picture to Achieve Business Success

The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” was one of the motivating factors behind the creation of this tool.


“Let Me Draw You a Picture…” is a learning and reference tool. Its purpose is to provide the reader with a one-page “picture” of a solution to an everyday important issue faced by many of us in the course of “doing business”. The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” was one of the prime motivating factors behind the creation of this simple, yet valuable tool.

The reader is given the opportunity to leverage the knowledge provided by each “picture” to help them address the challenges they confront on a regular basis. These “pictures” – and there are 38 of them covering Success, Leadership, Team and Personal Productivity – are practical and relevant since they have all been developed from either my own career experiences or from my work with my coaching clients helping them to find the right solutions to their daily business challenges.

Here are some excerpts from some of the initial reviews of the book on Amazon:

  • “Let Me Draw You a Picture” provides strong visual images as memory keys for instant recall and implementation of essential business strategies for success. It is a reference for virtually every challenge that needs to be addressed.
  • Chris “The Coach” Ruisi has broken some pretty significant ground here. Instead of toiling through all the jargon that lies within every business self-help book ever written, The Coach has laid it out for you in singular, simple images.
  • As a hands-on entrepreneur of multiple enterprises, I have very little time to actually sit and read another personal development book, but this one was different! It’s simple, concise, very well organized and what I consider a complete and effective motivation and management reference tool in 101 pages. 
  • The “pictures” are concise and offer an efficient way to communicate an idea, process or solution.

A good friend and respected thought leader, once wrote: “Humans have a remarkable ability to remember pictures. Research has shown that we remember visual images much easier and better than words.”

"Chris’s book, Let Me Paint You A Picture to Achieve Business Success is the perfect resource for all entrepreneurs and managers. I have used the book as a guide for management meetings and for staff training sessions. Chris’s methods are impactful, easy to follow and help in training your team with visual lessons. Excellent resource!" 

~Yolanda Harris, ​President, The keynote Group

Chris Ruisi Let Me Draw You a Picture - book




You can buy the book either on Amazon or my website.
If you purchase it from my website, I will send you a signed copy.







The book has been designed to be an ongoing valuable learning and reference tool for business leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and C-Suite executives who all work in a world where speed is a critical element to achieve a competitive advantage leading to success.

What Makes the Book Different?

  • It’s concise, to the point and easy to read.
  • It has “shelf life” – it can be referred to often, fold the corner of the pages over, write in the margins, make notes on the pages – use it as often as you can until you need a new one!
  • It’s designed to make learning not only simple and easy, but meaningful.
  • It can be used as a team training tool; clients have used these “pictures” as agenda items to facilitate the training and education of their teams.

The pictures establish a “common ground” for the leader and their team members to work towards a specific learning objective.



On Amazon or the Chris Ruisi Website Store.
If you purchase it from my website store, I will send you a signed copy.