Step Up And Play Big!

Quotes To Get You Thinking & Acting

Sometimes, all you need is a quick reminder; message or jolt to get you started or get you back on track. Chris' quotes are provided here for that very purpose - to get you focused to get started or to get back on your path to success. Review them periodically. Pick a few each week and work on making the message in the quote a "reality" for your circumstances. After all, unless you act on the message contained in the quote, the quote remains just words.

Personal Excellence

“Change starts in your mind and is acted upon from your ‘gut’ supported by courage, self-discipline, persistence, and an unwavering belief in your ability to succeed.”

“When you are genuine in sharing value with those you meet, you will not only create a good first impression, you will build the foundation for a win-win relationship.”

“Real Successful people don’t tell you what they are going to do they show you.”

"When you know your purpose, you believe in yourself and successfully meet any challenge that you face. Your purpose is your ‘GPS’ that guides you to keep moving forward in the most efficient way possible.”

“The only person who can create your future is you. Embrace the opportunity and all that comes with it with all of your being. Your legacy depends on it.”

“Problems of every size and shape come and go. Timely action taken to solve them makes you better. Ignoring them invites the problem to stay and get bigger—like an unwanted house guest who never goes home.”

“The only competition you have is the person you see in the mirror at the start of every day. It doesn’t matter who else is watching; satisfy yourself first that you did your best.”

“If you were to have one ‘Play Big’ goal every day, it should be to act in a way that allows you to be seen and recognized as someone’s trusted advisor. This should be how you measure your success.”

“A hero is that person who despite the risks involved has the courage to act and to do what is right when needed.”

“Just because it’s hard and complicated isn’t a good enough reason to think that your solution has to be hard and complicated. Start with a simple first step.”

“Believe in yourself; learn from your mistakes; keep your sense of humor; don’t let fear paralyze you; and learn something every day. If you do these things, your future will be bright and you will be the example for others to follow.”

“The risk of becoming obsolete in your role is always present. The good news is that you can put in place a personal learning program to make it a non-event in your career. Is there any choice?”

“Far too many settle for less than they deserve. When it comes to your future, don’t be a settler, be an explorer.”

“Everyone knows that action leads to results. Action driven by a sense of urgency removes the limits on just how far you can go.”

“Having a sense of urgency isn’t about how you handle crisis; it’s about taking care of things on a timely basis so that they don’t become a crisis.”

“With mental clarity and a workable plan, you have all that you need to get back in the game and make the right things happen.”

“There is no such thing as work/life balance. It’s all about how you set your priorities.  Be better at work and you will be better at home.”

“Practice doesn’t make you perfect; we’re human and make mistakes. Practice (and preparation) gives you the edge to give your best effort on a consistent basis.”

“It’s amazing to me how many people can talk themselves out of success, get comfortable with their status quo, and then complain about it. A first step in a different direction can change their life—significantly.”

“Some people work very hard at doing just enough to get by. It’s a choice they make. A modest increase in their effort and focus would put them on a path to be exceptional. That’s a choice they need to make as well.”

“None of us truly understand the depth and strength of our capabilities until we’re tested. At that exact moment, success belongs to those who have prepared themselves to step up and meet that challenge. The others will just watch.”

“Luck isn’t always a surprise. More times than not, it’s the result of someone with a plan who knows how to work smart as well as hard, and takes 100% ownership for their reality.”

“Those who complain about a lack of success in their lives or careers have not yet made the choice to be successful. They’ve only made the choice to complain.”

“When judging your results, be sure to include the ‘how’ of what you did to get a complete picture of what you’ve accomplished. To ignore the ‘how’ is like building a house of cards which can be destroyed when faced with the slightest breeze.”

“Making decisions is the foundation of becoming a master of your circumstances. Indecision is a sure path to allowing yourself to be a victim.”

“At some point in your business and for that matter in your life, your true wealth will be measure based on their relationships you have formed and maintained.”

“No one – other than you – can control your daily attitude. Never take your hand off of your attitude dial.”

“You get what you tolerate. This is especially true when you hold on to bad clients.”

“Great ideas and intentions quickly become great failures and lost opportunities without a change in how you approach them.”


Be the leader – not just the boss

“Leadership is not a title, a perk, or the corner office. Leadership encompasses the right actions, trust, integrity, courage, a genuine concern for the well-being of your team, and of course, ‘grit’.

“Make no mistake: your team will determine your future success. A leader is only as good as the team he assembles, trains, develops, and cares for.”

“All organizations have one thing in common: someone needs to be the leader and the only way that person will succeed in that role depends upon whether or not they can earn the trust of their team.”

“As soon as a leader has earned the trust of his team, there are no limits on what they can accomplish together.”

“Leaders who stand out understand the relationship between their company’s culture and their team’s productivity. These are the leaders who always land on their feet and always seem to break away from the crowd. They have figured out the formula for team, culture, and productivity.”

“If you’re a CEO, your success of your company depend on your ability to consistently deliver the best results that satisfy all of your stakeholders at the same time. No easy task, but that’s why you are the leader.”

“When you’re not having fun as the leader there are only two ways to deal with it: either fix it and control it, or let it control and ‘fix’ you.”

“As soon as you’ve reached the top, before you decide to ease up, take a look at the path down; trust me, if you get too content, the trip down will be faster and easier than the trip up.”

“A failure to communicate effectively will generally lead to a failure – yours, your team’s, and possibly your organizations.”

“Helping others gain confidence in themselves and their abilities is not only a key leadership task, it’s just the right thing to do.”

“If you agree that your team will make or break your business then how you bring new people into your organization must be viewed as one of the most important tasks you will ever perform.”

“Expectations and accountability are like the compass and rudder on a ship. One helps to set the course and the other helps you steer to get there.”

“Being the leader is a serious, hard work. But, if you do it right you and your team are in for one heck of a ride.”

“If a leader doesn’t set effective meaningful expectations, and work to hold their teams accountable – that is ‘help them’ perform at their best – they are not a leader. At best, they are a crisis manager.”

“All leaders must deal effectively and quickly with distractions. That’s just part of the role they fill. The one thing they must avoid is allowing distractions to determine their priorities.”

“Making decision is actually the easy part. Getting everyone with different views to buy and comply is the real test of a leader.”

“For a leader, it’s never about how much you can get done; it’s always about getting the right things done that create value and get you and your team closer to your goal.”

“The primary role of a leader is to make sure that each team members focus on doing their best is equal to their emotion and passion to do their best.”

“All great leaders understand that complacency will derail any effort and must be avoided at all costs.”