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The Type of Content Your Should Expect from a Leading Motivational Business Speaker and Experienced Leadership Speaker Like Chris Ruisi

As a leader you are continually challenged to deliver “Better Results” as evidenced by the growth and enhanced performance of your organization. You are expected to accomplish this from the leadership of your team. This leadership involves setting goals and expectations for your team to meet and how you train and develop them to meet and exceed these expectations.

Your leadership challenge includes how you create a culture that your team will be motivated to engage in the work at hand by believing in themselves and with the drive and determination that will allow them to increase their productivity so that they will Step Up and Play Big.

Using proven and practical tools and techniques Chris will guide your leadership team and employees through a journey to discover and use their full capabilities to perform consistently at their personal best. And, when that happens you will achieve your goal to deliver “Better Results”.

You can customize your presentation to achieve your specific goals by selecting from any one of Chris’s Step Up and Play Big presentations. We will work with you to determine your needs and outcomes for your event, and then evaluate the topics to achieve the right combination for your keynote, workshop or Step Up and Play Big series.

Engaging Keynote Presentations
from Leadership Speaker, Motivational Business Speaker Chris Ruisi

How to be Exceptional  


Learn how to condition you and your team to be your best

We all from time to time have heard people tell us and others to “do your best”.

Great advice, but rarely does anyone suggest how to prepare to be your best. The most successful athletes, business leaders, entertainers and professionals all practice and prepare, so why shouldn’t you?

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What You Will Learn - In this presentation you will learn 8 specific actions you can take to Prepare to Be Your Best – actions like –

  • How to take on the responsibility to prepare to be your best
  • How to Schedule Self time
  • Developing Mental Toughness
  • Eliminating negative influences from your life
  • Learning to say no to the right things
  • How to increase your self-confidence and self-belief in your ability to perform at a higher level
  • And, many more useable and practical tools

Get the Right Things Done-Productivity  


Increase your value and contribution by enhancing your personal productivity

All of us are challenged each and every day to find new or more ways, tools or even tricks (yes, some of you think that tricks are the way to go!) to improve our personal productivity.

Instead of looking for that next great idea (and wasting time while looking), start focusing on mastering the basics first. You can easily enhance productivity on a personal as well as a team level by starting out with a clear and specific picture of the “what”, the “who” and the “when”.

It’s just that simple. In addition, we must be clear on how to re-direct our time to work on the right things, i.e. those tasks that are the best use of our skills and abilities and will get us closer to achieving our goals.

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What You Will Learn - During this presentation you will learn specific actions addressing:

  • You Management not Time Management
  • How to master your time and not be victimized by it
  • Finding and Re-Directing Your Time towards more Productive Tasks
  • How to find and work on the “Right Things at the Right Time”
  • How to set key priorities and expectations
  • How to fight distractions

Team Competitive Advantage


Let your team position you and your business to “own the market”

Every business has a team. The question for the business owner or leader is whether or not they are functioning as a “competitive advantage” or just “doing the work”?

In today’s challenging marketplace, it is critical that business owners look for and use every competitive advantage they can. In many cases, your “team” does not get the attention it deserves.

A basic fact of business is that your team, in 99.9% of the cases, is your primary point of contact with your customers.

If your team performs badly, your customers vote with their feet and go elsewhere. Eventually, if this continues, you will lose your business. Conversely, if you team performs well, your customers buy more often and refer others to you. The result – your business grows and prospers.

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What You Will Learn - You will learn how to use a practical 10 point checklist to show you how to turn your team into a dynamic competitive advantage! Some of the factors on the checklist include:

  • Goal setting
  • Explaining the Rules
  • Clear Communications
  • Risk Taking
  • Building Team Involvement and Engagement
  • Building the Right Skills and much more!  

Accelerate your growth  


Stop Playing Small and Start Playing Big!

Many believe that it is just too hard to become exceptional and deliberately lower their expectations for their own performance. Setting the bar too low doesn’t help or protect us. In fact, by doing so, you cheat yourself of finding and using your full capabilities. You get into the dangerous habit of doing “just enough” to get by. In other words, you “play it too safe”.

In this engaging presentation, Chris shares ten key points on how you already have the tools within you to develop and accelerate your grow and maximize your full capabilities to become exceptional.

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What You Will Learn:

  • How to take a risk and challenge yourself to use to the maximum of your full capabilities
  • How to create your vision
  • How to strengthen your self-discipline and persistence skills
  • How to eliminate excuses and push through barriers to your success and much more

 *Prepare to Be Your Best workshop precedes this workshop

Exceptional Leader  


It all starts with you—raise your performance your team will follow

In this interactive and engaging presentation, Chris focuses on one of the critical ongoing challenges all leaders have: how to elevate not only their own performance, but the performance of their team.

One of the first steps a leader must take to address these challenges is to take a candid look at their own leadership style to make sure they are setting the right example for their team to follow.

Since exceptional leaders succeed by knowing how to make their situations work best for them, Chris shows his audiences specific techniques on how they can actually be the “master” of more situations than they probably realize.

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What You Will Learn – You will learn how exceptional leaders are:

  • visionaries
  • risk takers
  • effective communicators
  • excellent delegators
  • proficient at setting expectations
  • and much more

In addition, you will be given a proven technique to measure yourself against each of the 10 key qualities to help you develop a specific plan to enhance your leadership skills and performance. 

Head in the sand  


Be the Master of Your Circumstances, Not a Victim

Far too often, people and organizations decide that it’s easier to accept the circumstances they find themselves in; take some easy, no risk steps and then “wait it out” until things get better. They essentially lose their sense of urgency and “stick their head in the sand”.

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What You Will Learn – In this highly informative and engaging presentation, you will learn

  • How you can be the “master” of more situations than you probably realize.
  • How to become one of those individuals who always seem to “land on their feet” no matter how difficult the situation may be
  • How to stop self-sabotaging yourself
  • How to fight distractions, problem solve correctly and make better decision
  • And much more!



Success Follows Feeling Comfortable Being Uncomfortable 

Change is hard work; it requires a 100% commitment to adapt a new behavior. And when we try to adapt to a new behavior, it feels uncomfortable…very uncomfortable. Some don’t like the feeling and give up. Others, who are committed to discovering and using their full capabilities adapt to it.

Chris has identified 4 distinct levels of “uncomfortable” that we each go through when we are dealing with change - Confusion; Realization; Clarity and Action.

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What You Will Learn - In this presentation, you will learn:

  • how to identify where individual change is needed
  • how to plan for it
  • how to embrace it
  • how to implement it
  • and more importantly, how to manage feeling comfortable being uncomfortable so that real tangible personal and business growth can be achieved



Getting your team successfully engaged in the “work at hand” has been a challenge for all leaders since the beginning of time. Having your team engaged is especially important as employers struggle with the challenges of increasing productivity and profitability.

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What You Will Learn - In this engaging and interactive presentation, you will learn:

  • What real employee engagement is
  • The three key components necessary for employee engagement to exist successfully within your company - vision, leadership and tactics
  • And the action steps needed to build your plan to create a culture of employee engagement within your organization

In addition, every participant will receive Chris’s proven and unique personal learning log to help them plan and implement their next steps.


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