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Step Up and Play Big Mastermind Groups

Brainstorming, Accountability, and Support – Everything You Need to Step Up to the Next Level

Chris Ruisi Step Up and Play Big Mastermind Groups


As part of his executive coaching program, Chris offers participation in one of his four mastermind group categories. Chris refers to them as the “Step Up and Play Big Mastermind Groups”. 


  • One group is for CEOs/owners of mid-size businesses. 
  • The second group is for entrepreneurs and the owners of small businesses. 
  • The third group is for all C- suite level executives to help them expand their leadership skills and prepare them for broader responsibilities in the future (generally within the next 1 to 3 years).
  • The fourth group is designed to assist business to business professionals like attorneys; accountants; bankers; financial services professionals, etc. who need assistance to grow and retain their client base.

Mastermind Groups for LeadersEach of the groups are limited to no more than 8 to 10 participants with each participant being the exclusive representative of their industry or profession. Each participant becomes an “advisory expert” and accountability partner for the other participants in their group.

Any business leader or entrepreneur at some stage of their personal and business growth needs to be involved in one of Chris’ Step Up and Play Big Groups. If you are growing an enterprise, or yourself, you will need to be involved in one of these groups. If you meet any of these general criteria, then a Step Up and Play Big Mastermind Group is exactly what you need to take your business or career to the next level.



  • Founder and owner of a company with annual gross revenues exceeding $500k and at least 4 employees
  • Owner of a company or partner with a 10% or more share in a company exceeding $1 million in annual revenues and at least 10 employees
  • A “C” Level executive in charge of a functional area in a company with at least $5 million in annual revenues and is desirous of upward career growth
  • A sole practitioner in a business to business service role with annual gross revenues exceeding $ 300k looking to significantly expand their business

Some of key characteristics of the groups are:

  • Each group will meet for a half-day, 8 times per year in what can be described as “working sessions”.
  • These sessions give each participant the opportunity to get away from the day-to-day distractions that consume their time and prevent them from thinking “strategically”.
  • During these sessions, participants will have the opportunity to:
    • Develop a fresh perspective on their business through the feedback they receive from their fellow group members.
    • Tackle key issues affecting their businesses.
    • Find solutions to these issues by leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of all of the members of their group.
    • Expand their network of business contacts.
  • Two of the 8 sessions will feature a guest expert speaker selected based on the needs and interests of the group
  • Each participant will receive a monthly individual coaching session with Chris including those months where no “working sessions” have been scheduled.

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What participants have said about Chris' Mastermind Groups...

I would like to thank you. I am so glad I took your advice and invested in ME!! (You also taught me to do that as well.) The Mastermind Group gave me many opportunities to explore and learn new ways of thinking, executing, and so much more. For that I am grateful to you for inviting me to attend. An additional benefit was the opportunity to work with and collaborate with you as our coach, and the other entrepreneurs in the group. The group was a validation of the value you have provided me over the years from your advice and expertise and your ability to be an excellent sounding board.

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Tracey L. Wolfman, RN, BSN, MA
Founder and Administrator
We Care Adult Care, Inc.

Chris Ruisi's Mastermind program will absolutely assist you with business development and personal growth. His easy-going style is complemented by his proven techniques and broad knowledge base. Chris helps you see the difficult things that you need to see about yourself and your organization, instills the value of goal setting and helps you create change within yourself. If you want to make a true investment in your business and in your personal and professional development, I would highly recommend Chris' Mastermind program.

Mike Ciavolino
Shore Creative Group

I decided to join Chris’ Entrepreneurial Mastermind Group with the goal to add a separate focus to my practice. Being part of the group benefited me in many ways. It helped me to develop a clear idea of exactly how I wanted my practice to function, as well as how I wanted my practice to be seen by others. It also provided me with the tools to achieve my vision. Mastermind helped me to keep my goals aligned and at the forefront, while performing my normal tasks. In addition, I felt that I constantly learned from the others in the group. I would recommend Chris’ Mastermind Group to anyone who has a vision they are not clear on and/or have a vision that they have not yet been able to achieve to their satisfaction.

Linda Pressler
Founder & CEO
The Pressler Group


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