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Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching is about growing and moving forward through changes in behavior. Many people can offer advice, however very few can coach, and even fewer can move you forward like Chris Ruisi

Chris Ruisi understands the special challenges faced by today’s business owners and leaders. He is driven by the simple belief that the real purpose of our lives is to discover and use our full capabilities. He uses knowledge, focus and accountability to successfully motivate and improve the business aptitude of each client.

Knowledge involves giving you practical tactics to implement your ideas. 

Focus provides you with clearly defined short- and long-term goals. 

Accountability enables you to be responsible for delivering the results you want. 

What Makes Chris Ruisi an Effective Executive Coach?

Chris works with leaders and teams to identify what is important to them, the changes necessary to move forward and how to make them happen so that they can grow personally and professionally. His focus is on getting results for his clients.

Chris cuts out the hype, jargon and noise to help you define your reality and create a clear future vision for you and your business. 

Why Choose Chris Ruisi as Your Executive Coach?

Chris Ruisi Executive Coaching and Mentoring

What makes Chris Ruisi different?

  1. He shows his client that they do not have to live beneath their dreams unless they so choose. Chris becomes a confidant with only one agenda – to make his clients more effective and, in turn, successful.
  2. Chris knows that small changes practiced consistently create the dramatic changes needed to “stretch” the client to find their full capabilities.
  3. He has the unique ability to understand his client. He knows that he must be able to immediately establish trust and reach the client on an intellectual and emotional level.

What Can You Expect When You Work With Chris Ruisi

You must have a can-do and a will-do attitude, and you’ll need to be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Chris will guide you to identify the critical issues affecting your performance and growth, and help you set goals with action plans to achieve each objective.

You must be ready and willing to change. Change for most of us is hard. When confronted with the need to change – our natural tendency is to stay in our comfort zone and hold on to what we know. Now is the time to take a risk and challenge yourself to use to the maximum of your full capabilities. This is where Chris comes in – to guide you through the process.

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