Step Up And Play Big!

Case Study

A Client Case Study…

“I have been a client of Chris Ruisi for over four years. Originally I met with Chris when my Real Estate Management business was beginning to develop into substantial enterprise. After being in business for ten plus years, things were beginning to get out of hand.

We were a staff of a dozen. There were no real rules. We simply managed to get things done. The problem quickly became that we were lacking depth and organization. Everyday day was a new fire drill. For the most part we would handle the proverbial and sometimes literal fire. We then would pat ourselves on the back for our ‘brilliant ingenuity’… repeat the same cycle the next day.

My hours began to substantially increase, we were taking on new clients, we were hiring new staff, profits were dropping and it seemed as if every free space in my office was getting covered in yellow sticky notes reminding me to do something important. I was beginning to hate the new success.

It all really came to a head on my wife’s birthday. It seemed the perfect spring day. We would spend the day together, go shopping, have a romantic lunch, pick up the kids after school, then dinner, presents, etc. By 10am my cell phone began to ring. I spent the entire lunch on an emergency conference call. My wife only got to speak to the waiter (ordering for me as I pointed to the menu). The calls continued through shopping, I stepped away for more calls and then we arrived late to pick up the now upset kids and a very brief dinner. The final result was my very upset (and rightfully so) wife saying ‘next time on my birthday, do everyone a favor… go to work’.

That was the point it became very apparent things needed to change. I began to work with Chris Ruisi. We quickly established realistic goals. Simple things: Scheduling time to step away from work; client and employee boundaries and coverage so that interruptions were for important issues. Simple questions: What did I want out of the business on a financial and personal level? What steps needed to be put in place to bring things into line so that I would not be become a slave to my own business? What did I expect from the employees?

We took a step by step approach and analyzed each aspect and created realistic goals and expectations for myself and the employees. Today the business is double the size. We employ 23 people and maintained our strong reputation. I take time for myself & my family. There is no longer dread over the thought of going to work. It has been a four year project requiring a lot of commitment and faith that you are moving in the right direction. In many cases we would take a step forward, become comfortable and then fall two steps back. For the most part we simply step forward. It is still a work in progress. With Chris’ guidance, I have been able to continue expanding in a sensible and controlled manner.”

Benjamin L. Schwartz
President & CEO
Metropolitan Property Services