Step Up And Play Big!


The One on One Mentor Program

This is a long term program that requires a combined mental and emotional commitment on the part of the client. Programs may last for a minimum of 6 months up to a year, or even longer depending upon the goals to be achieved. Chris will help you define your current reality. From there you will create the vision for your future within your personal growth plan and determine your business’s organizational development plan. In your final phase Chris will show you how to implement the tactics and strategies so that your future vision can become your current reality. Contact him to see how a program can be put together for you.

One Day Jump Start Session

This is an intense one day (9 am to 3 pm) coaching session where Chris will work with you, your leaders and teams to help them identify individual strengths and your organization’s strengths, opportunities and challenges. At its completion, you will the tools and information necessary to create  a 90 day plan to help start you and your organization on the path to reach your future growth goals. Contact him to see how a program can be put together for you.

In House Executive Coaching Program

The In House Executive Coaching Program is an ideal approach to improve company performance through the improved performance if its management team.

In the In House Executive Coaching Program Chris will work with your company’s management team onsite to create a customized plan to raise their leadership skills to the next level – to Step Up and Play Big. With Chris’ assistance, your management team will focus on identifying their priorities and evaluate ways to enhance their skills levels by leveraging off of their strengths. The end result will be a more efficient and cohesive management team that will create more effective strategies for your company.

Contact Chris to see how a program can be put together for you.