Step Up And Play Big!

HR Leaders

The HR Challenge

Human Resources, as a function, is in a critical position to have a significant impact on the companies they work for during these challenging times that demand the need for change. 

It’s time for HR professionals to take the lead and think, talk and act like a business professional who works in HR, rather than an HR professional who works in a business.

When an HR professional understands the need for this “shift”, then and only then will they earn a seat at the coveted “table.”

The road to becoming an Exceptional HR Leader requires hard work but it can be easily traveled by following a plan; a specific plan that identifies what an HR Professional must do to become exceptional and how to do it. Chris’ “Exceptional HR Leader’s Checklist” provides the foundation for the plan.  Click here to get your free copy...

What Makes Chris Ruisi an HR Expert?

Chris Ruisi is a no-nonsense, decisive, respected and effective business leader perfectly suited to challenge HR leaders to Step Up and Play Big! Chris began his business career as an HR recruiter and worked his way through HR into senior operational positions, eventually to become the President & COO/CEO of his company—an NYSE listed company with over $2 billion in annual revenue. Chris not only found his “seat at the table”, but re-built the “table” and earned the seat at the head of it! Who better than him to help today’s HR professionals become leaders within their companies?

Drawing on his 35+ years as a senior-level executive on the corporate front lines, Chris knows how to help people to discover and their full capabilities. Chris combines his detailed insights and real life experiences to create informative, humorous, inspiring and entertaining programs designed to improve the performance and contributions of today’s HR professional. There’s no fluff in Chris’ presentations. He deals with practical, make-sense solutions that work. He has been acknowledged as the kind of leader who has the unique ability to drive individuals to top performance levels.

Chris Ruisi HR workshops

Where to Start

The Path to Becoming an Exceptional HR Leader

Chris offers a number of educational presentations and programs to help those HR professionals who are committed to pursuing a path to becoming exceptional. Many of these programs, because of their content, allow the participants to earn HRCI credits.

  • Speaking & Keynotes
  • Presentations & Workshops
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Finding Your Next Opportunity - In Transition Assistance

Speaking & Keynotes

Chris’ High Impact HR Keynotes

  • How HR Can Turn Business Turmoil into a Strategic Advantage
  • Forget About a Seat at the Table - Become an Exceptional HR Leader
  • Leading Change - The New Mandate for the HR Leader
  • HR Strategy - The Driver of Corporate Strategy

Any of these presentations can also be conducted as a 4 hour workshop and all may qualify for HRCI credits either as a keynote or workshop. Contact Chris for more details or call him at 732-233-7292.

What HR Audiences Have Consistently Said About Chris…

  • Great delivery
  • Many good actionable takeaways
  • Related content to real world situations; great examples; kept audience engaged
  • A dynamic presenter
  • Chris was not only enthusiastic but passionate about the topic – he was very motivating
  • Chris made it all very simple to understand
  • What makes Chris standout are his references to his real life experiences and the stories he uses to make a point

Chris Ruisi Exceptional HR Leaders Video

Want More Proof?

  • 90.7% of HR management professionals and executives who believe Chris’ information can positively impact their personal growth
  • 88.7% of HR management level professionals and executives who would attend another presentation by Chris

Click here to learn more about Chris speaking at your organization or call 877-917-7991



Further support of Chris as a talented and knowledgeable speaker…

When Chris and I began our coaching relationship almost a year ago, my goal was to gain perspective on how my role as Director of Human Resources for a quickly evolving Company needed to evolve along with it. Chris’s career in Human Resources coupled with his executive experience, offered unique insight into my current situation. He really knows what it takes for Human Resources professionals to gain, and maintain, respect and achieve success within organizations.These things along with Chris’s compassion for what he does and the people he works with made working with Chris an experience I am extremely grateful to have had. I not only have a clearer understanding of how I need to evolve with my Company, but Chris has also helped me achieve the confidence and self-assurance that I need to do it. I would highly recommend Chris Ruisi to anyone who wants to discover how to be a business professional working in Human Resources! Thank you Chris! – Allison Colantuoni, Director of Human Resources/Principal Associate – Maser Consulting

Chris Ruisi’s presentation at the Gateway SHRM meeting was superb!  His message was on target for me personally and professionally, and all of those I’ve spoken with have agreed with me – we were so impressed that we spoke to him about a possible presentation to our enterprise-wide biennial HR Summit.  Further, his Monday Morning Wake-up Call emails are crisp, thought provoking coaching messages that I have found to be valuable. – Robert Orr, HR Manager – Verisk Analytics; Gateway SHRM

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your presentation – “Step Up and Play Big – How to be An Exceptional HR Leader.” I must tell you it was one of the best meetings we have had in the last several years.  Then content was spot on for our members.  Your subject matter knowledge and presentation skills are second to none.  A survey of our members resulted in ratings of 10 out of 10 for program content and speaker presentation skills.  We usually ask a question of the attendees regarding “would you like to have this speaker present again?”  The answer was a resounding YES! Chris thanks again for sharing you knowledge with us. – Jim Brinkerhoff, Program Chair  Gateway/SHRM Chapter

HR Certification Institute - HRCI - Another Reason to Hire Chris for Your SHRM Organization

Chris Ruisi through his company “The Coaches Zone” is an approved “HR Certification Institute Approved Provider”. As such, you can earn additional HRCI credits if you invite him to speak at your organization or attend any of the events that he will produce in the future. Contact Chris for more details. 



Results Driven HR Programs

One-on-One Coaching

Often, in today’s challenging and demanding times, an HR professional needs a reality check or “another set of eyes” from someone who has walked in their shoes to help through work their way through a particular issue or situation. Some of these issues may include, but certainly not limited to, situations like:

  • Dealing with a troublesome manager in your company
  • Suggestions how to contribute to general company operations
  • How to “get the attention” of your boss or senior management about a significant business or operational issue either within or outside of HR
  • How to establish or strengthen your internal credibility

Schedule a 1 to 1 one hour HR Consultation with Chris for only $300. You will get answers to your questions and other ideas that will help you not only work through a particular situation, but enhance your performance as an exceptional HR leader.

To schedule your consultation, call (732.275.9222) or e-mail Chris your question / issue. Chris will respond within 24 hours. Of course, each e-mail and subsequent call will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

In Transition Assistance

Are You in Transition? Not Sure Your Resume Presents the “Best” You? Networking with No Results? Maybe it’s time to make some changes?

For those HR professionals who are in transition Chris offers two types of programs:

1. “The Basics” - resume review; critique and suggestions on how to improve it.  This program includes up to 3 resume revisions/critiques and 4 one on one 30 minute coaching calls with me to discuss your resume and suggestions to improve it over a 60 day timeframe. Your investment is $750.

2. “Advanced” - everything that is included in “The Basics” plus… 3 one on one 1 hour coaching meetings (or additional coaching calls if face to face meetings are not possible); creation of “your brand” message for interviews; in depth interview preparation and networking skills/tips training. The “Advanced” program is conducted over a 120 day timeframe.  Your investment is $1200.

Client Testimonial
“I wanted to let you know I finally got a job. I implemented a significant percentage of your suggestions and they yielded immediate and frequent results” - JK

Click here to contact Chris for additional information...

In the Media

As a respected “Human Resources Expert”, Chris contributes articles to various magazines and online sites. Here is a partial list of some of the articles that Chris has written:

  • Are You a Trusted Leader?
  • Stop Punishing Your Best Performers
  • Are You Hiring the Best Employees or Future Problems
  • Taking Control of the Job Interview
  • Wasting Time at Work is not Always the Fault of Your Employees
  • Building Your Future – The Will to Win
  • Boosting Your Team’s Performance is the Key to Your Success
  • Employees Wasting Time – How the HR Leader Can Help Solve this Dilemma


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