Step Up And Play Big!

In Transition Assitance

Are You in Transition? Not Sure Your Resume Presents the “Best” You? Networking with No Results? Maybe it’s time to make some changes?

For those HR professionals who are in transition and are committed to taking the “right” steps to facilitate their career search, I offer two types of programs:

1. “The Basics” - resume review; critique and suggestions on how to improve it.  This program includes up to 3 resume revisions/critiques and 4 one on one 30 minute coaching calls with me to discuss your resume and suggestions to improve it over a 60 day timeframe.

2. “Advanced” - everything that is included in “The Basics” plus… 3 one on one 1 hour coaching meetings (or additional coaching calls if face to face meetings are not possible); creation of “your brand” message for interviews; in depth interview preparation and networking skills/tips training. The “Advanced” program is conducted over a 120 day timeframe.

Client Testimonial
“I wanted to let you know I finally got a job. I implemented a significant percentage of your suggestions and they yielded immediate and frequent results” - JK

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