Step Up And Play Big!

One-on-One Consultations

Often, in today’s challenging and demanding times, an HR professional needs a reality check or “another set of eyes” from someone who has walked in their shoes to help through work their way through a particular issue or situation. Some of these issues may include, but certainly not limited to, situations like:

  • Dealing with a troublesome manager in your company
  • Suggestions how to contribute to general company operations
  • How to “get the attention” of your boss or senior management about a significant business or operational issue either within or outside of HR
  • How to develop an effective presentation to “sell” a new idea or program
  • How to “manage” your boss
  • How to establish or strengthen your internal credibility

There is now an alternative to helping you find advice and coaching through these issues. Schedule a 1 to 1 one hour HR Consultation with Chris for only $300. You will get answers to your questions and other ideas that will help you not only work through a particular situation, but enhance your performance as an exceptional HR leader.

To schedule your consultation, call (732.275.9222) or e-mail Chris your question / issue. Chris will respond within 24 hours. If he can help you, a call to discuss the issue will be scheduled as soon as possible depending on each of your respective schedules. Of course, each e-mail and subsequent call will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.