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I just wanted to say thank you for the coaching you provided a few years back. In particular thank you for pushing me! I was re-reading the Manager Meets the Monkey book again and I found a very direct e-mail you had sent me in there. This was the turning point of my growth. Although I didn’t appreciate it at first, I eventually came to understand your point.  I wouldn’t say I have made it or, for that matter, ever want to truly “make it” in the world of business or life because I enjoy the journey and the challenges that come with it. However, in that moment, I needed to be pushed and stretched in order to grow and get to the next level and be a better leader, father, friend, co-worker and spouse.

VP Global Tax
Global Consumer Health Products Company

When Chris and I began our coaching relationship almost a year ago, my goal was to gain perspective on how my role as Director of Human Resources for a quickly evolving Company needed to evolve along with it. Chris’s career in Human Resources coupled with his executive experience, offered unique insight into my current situation. He really knows what it takes for Human Resources professionals to gain, and maintain, respect and achieve success within organizations. These things along with Chris’s compassion for what he does and the people he works with made working with Chris an experience I am extremely grateful to have had. I not only have a clearer understanding of how I need to evolve with my Company, but Chris has also helped me achieve the confidence and self-assurance that I need to do it. I would highly recommend Chris Ruisi to anyone who wants to discover how to be a business professional working in Human Resources! Thank you Chris!

Allison Colantuoni
Director of Human Resources/Principal Associate
Maser Consulting

Chris Ruisi's wisdom, insight and guidance have been invaluable to my development as an attorney. I have seen dramatic, positive changes in my approach to marketing, personal productivity, client relationships and strategic planning as a result of working with Chris. Working with him is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and my career!

John Murdoch
Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer

As a senior financial officer with USLIFE Corporation, I enjoyed working with Chris over a period spanning more than two decades as his responsibilities progressed to leadership of the company as a member of the Office of the Chairman.

I looked to Chris as a rational problem-solver who was able to keep cool, and promote a calm sense of solution-finding among others, through the challenges faced by a major public company in the financial sector. Chris took a genuine interest in the retention and development of talented individuals who contributed to the company’s value proposition, and we counted on him to be an advocate for unpopular but necessary decisions.

Neal M. Stern, CPA CLU
Vice President - Investor Relations
Prudential Financial, Inc

Over the 23+ years I have known Chris, he has worked very hard to develop a high level of integrity, credibility and respect among his superiors, peers and subordinates at USLIFE. He is seen as someone who you can talk to. While he is decisive in his actions, all know that they will get a fair hearing from him on any issue. He is known as the ‘go to guy’ who gets things done on time and right the first time. Individuals see him as their leader and gravitate to him. He is best when dealing with a crisis when the team is looking for leadership.

Developing his team is another one of his strongest capabilities. He has played an instrumental role in the development of other senior officers throughout the parent company and our operating subsidiaries which has allowed the company to grow through our existing human resources.

Our Board of Directors is extremely pleased with Chris’ performance and contribution to USLIFE’s success. He is often described as having the skills and leadership abilities to be ‘literally dropped’ into any of our companies and within short order run it effectively and re-energize its team to achieve more.

Chris does not know what it means to give up or to stop short of achieving a stated goal. When confronted with obstacles, he ‘turns up the heat’ and finds a solution to keep moving forward.

Gordon E. Crosby
Chairman of the Board and CEO
USLIFE Corporation

Chris Ruisi is clearly the Coach’s Coach. Through his engaging personality and collaborative style, he is able to empower people to reach their full potential and achieve beyond what they perceive as their personal limitations. During my tenure as Chief Financial Officer of USLIFE Corporation, Chris was one of the few true mentors I have had in my career; a rare commodity in a very challenging business environment.

James M. Schlomann
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Confie Seguros Holding Company

Chris Ruisi is the kind of leader who has the unique ability to drive individuals to top performance levels. It is a rare blend of strong leadership combined with an ability to concisely communicate expectations and vision that not only made you want to be on his team, but to excel. Motivation comes naturally to Chris. His persona commands respect, but his business acumen and leadership ability are always apparent and one of his greatest qualities as a leader is his ability to assess talent and provide the environment for that talent to develop.

Lisa Brinkman
(formerly Senior VP – Administration; USLIFE)
Service Platform Director – Implementation
NELSON – Architecture and Engineering Services

Chris is a seasoned business veteran with decades of successful performance to leverage on behalf of his clients. Chris brings a thorough knowledge of marketing, sales, operations, administration, human resources and customer service. Chris is a fantastic listener and excellent communicator and serves his clients with the utmost professionalism and consistency. Any business that wants to break through to the next level of profitability MUST get Chris Ruisi involved now!

Eric Dombach
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I must complement you on the extraordinary time and effort that you have invested with me in assisting to grow my business. The new practices, procedures and strategies that you have demonstrated to me have been instrumental in streamlining the business, which has, in turn, resulted in an increase in my client base. Your knowledge of the various techniques available to improve my business is demonstrated each week. I look forward to our weekly meetings because I can’t wait to see what new ideas you will bring to my attention to help me improve my business. Most importantly, your availability to discuss my most pressing issues at any time between our weekly meetings shows me how deeply you care about my business and, more importantly, about me personally as well. That’s why you are “THE COACH!”

Bob Schillberg
Schillberg Law

Mastermind Group Clients

I would like to thank you. I am so glad I took your advice and invested in ME!! (You also taught me to do that as well.) The Mastermind Group gave me many opportunities to explore and learn new ways of thinking, executing, and so much more. For that I am grateful to you for inviting me to attend. An additional benefit was the opportunity to work with and collaborate with you as our coach, and the other entrepreneurs in the group. The group was a validation of the value you have provided me over the years from your advice and expertise and your ability to be an excellent sounding board.

Tracey L. Wolfman, RN, BSN, MA
Founder and Administrator
We Care Adult Care, Inc.

Chris Ruisi's Mastermind program will absolutely assist you with business development and personal growth. His easy-going style is complemented by his proven techniques and broad knowledge base. Chris helps you see the difficult things that you need to see about yourself and your organization, instills the value of goal setting and helps you create change within yourself. If you want to make a true investment in your business and in your personal and professional development, I would highly recommend Chris' Mastermind program.

Mike Ciavolino
Shore Creative Group

I decided to join Chris’ Entrepreneurial Mastermind Group with the goal to add a separate focus to my practice. Being part of the group benefited me in many ways. It helped me to develop a clear idea of exactly how I wanted my practice to function, as well as how I wanted my practice to be seen by others. It also provided me with the tools to achieve my vision. Mastermind helped me to keep my goals aligned and at the forefront, while performing my normal tasks. In addition, I felt that I constantly learned from the others in the group. I would recommend Chris’ Mastermind Group to anyone who has a vision they are not clear on and/or have a vision that they have not yet been able to achieve to their satisfaction.

Linda Pressler
Founder & CEO
The Pressler Group

Client Case Studies

I have been a client of Chris Ruisi for over four years. Originally I met with Chris when my small Real Estate Management business was beginning to develop into substantial enterprise. After being in business for ten plus years, things were beginning to get out of hand.

We were a staff of a dozen. There were no real rules. We simply managed to get things done. Clients loved our hands on proprietary approach to taking care of their assets. Our reputation in the industry grew as did the number of new clients. The problem quickly became that we were lacking depth and organization. Everyday day was a new fire drill. For the most part we would handle the proverbial and sometimes literal fire. We then would pat ourselves on the back for our ‘brilliant ingenuity’… repeat the same cycle the next day.

My hours began to substantially increase, we were taking on new clients, we were hiring new staff, profits were dropping and it seemed as if every free space in my office was getting covered in yellow sticky notes reminding me to do something important. I was beginning to hate the new success. It all really came to a head on my wife’s birthday. It seemed the perfect spring day. We would spend the day together, go shopping, have a romantic lunch, pick up the kids after school, then dinner, presents, etc. By 10am my cell phone began to ring. I spent the entire lunch on an emergency conference call. My wife only got to speak to the waiter (ordering for me as I pointed to the menu). The calls continued through shopping, I stepped away for more calls and then we arrived late to pick up the now upset kids and a very brief dinner. The final result was my very upset (and rightfully so) wife saying ‘next time on my birthday, do everyone a favor… go to work’.

That was the point it became very apparent things needed to change. I began to work with Chris Ruisi. We quickly established realistic goals. Simple things: Scheduling time to step away from work; client and employee boundaries and coverage so that interruptions were for important issues. Simple questions: What did I want out of the business on a financial and personal level? What steps needed to be put in place to bring things into line so that I would not be become a slave to my own business? What did I expect from the employees?

We took a step by step approach and analyzed each aspect and created realistic goals and expectations for myself and the employees. Today the business is double the size. We employ 23 people and maintained our strong reputation. I take time for myself & my family. There is no longer dread over the thought of going to work. It has been a four year project requiring a lot of commitment and faith that you are moving in the right direction. In many cases we would take a step forward, become comfortable and then fall two steps back. For the most part we simply step forward. It is still a work in progress. With Chris’ guidance, I have been able to continue expanding in a sensible and controlled manner.

Benjamin L. Schwartz
President & CEO
Metropolitan Property Services

Entrepreneurial Challenge 

“Coach” Chris Ruisi came into our life at the perfect, most critical time. Early 2009 was turning out to be a rough year for many businesses, and we were no exception. We desperately needed to grow our business, yet we were still just trying to keep our heads above water. Our vacuum cleaner sales & repair shop had been around since the 50’s. The prior generations of owners had survived decades of worse circumstances. Why were we having such a hard time meeting our goals now? We were exhausted and felt embarrassed and defeated. As a husband and wife business team, this was especially frustrating and painful in all aspects of our life together. 

We saw Chris speak briefly at a Chamber of Commerce event. In those five minutes we were entertained, intrigued and learned that the number one roadblock to our success was us!  We quickly decided to make the investment in our business, and ourselves, by hiring Chris. 

Together with “Coach” we determined an exciting amount of inexpensive, effective strategies we could implement to grow our sales.  Most importantly, Chris helped us repair and fortify our business’ foundation by using simple language and visuals to help us understand the concepts that we were overlooking and underutilizing.  He found a way to look at us as a whole business, a team, as well as individuals.  He immersed himself in our business, almost as if it were his own, with a deep care and concern.  Like a trusted friend, Chris he offered much needed support and comfort during what was a very personal and emotional journey for us.  Yet he did for us what no family member or friend ever could: He was honest and objective, while having the authority, extensive knowledge and experience to give us proper advice.

Rachel and John Decker


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