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A Few Words From Chris Ruisi

One of the questions always asked of an author is how their book will benefit the reader? The style of Step Up and Play Big® approaches the reader in the same way I coach: directly and in a practical “hands-on” manner.

My overall goal is to show the reader that it doesn’t require a great deal of extra effort to be exceptional i.e., to Step Up and Play Big. You will be given simple but effective strategies and tactics you can use to…

  • create a future vision
  • make better decisions
  • develop effective business “habits”
  • find out what it means to be a leader
  • how to challenge your team
  • and how to identify and solve problems.

There are exercises at the end of each chapter to help you implement the tactic or skill discussed. At the end of the book there is a template to help you create your own self-development game plan to Step Up and Play Big!

At the end of the day, the “stuff” in the book works only if you “work the stuff”.

Chris Ruisi Step Up and Play Big Book

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Rob Wright, Chief Editor, Life Science Leader

"A quick common-sense approach to some best leadership practices." Read more...


Reader’s Comments

“Chris: Wanted to let you know that your book was great. I keep "Step Up and Play Big" in my office and refer to it often. Folks like you make a real difference in this world. Keep up the great work!”
Kevin EnglandMayor, City of Chubbuck, Idaho

“The Coach’s 8 simple steps are a compelling prescription for how simple it is to achieve your goals. Chris provides “to the point” practical insight and advice about how to be action-oriented to achieve personal and business success. This book “Plays Big” for anybody looking to unlock their talents and pursue their dreams. Masterfully done”
Jim Bollerman —Founder and CEO, Bollerman Companies

“Business executives are regularly flooded with books, conference offerings, internet solicitations and the like on the subjects of self-help, business acumen, improvement ‘how-tos’ etc. In this book Chris Ruisi has really nailed down the key essentials of doing it right! This is an easy, informative and fundamental read for the business community in general, not to mention an executive who wants to move ahead.”
Charles T. Parton —Vice Chairman, Community Partners Bancorp

“I have known Chris Ruisi for thirty years. He is a special person in many respects. He is a very talented executive who rose to the top of a multi-billion dollar company, step by step. Along the way, he has learned the many lessons, first hand, to be a successful leader, which he conveys in his book – Step Up and Play Big. Chris is an excellent communicator who is particularly effective in difficult and chaotic circumstances. He is well respected by his colleagues and looked to for his leadership. He is a people person first and foremost.”
Chuck Davis—CEO, Stone Point Capital, LLC

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Highlights from Recent Reviews on Amazon…

WOW!!!!! What a great book, from the heart of a true leader. — July 9, 2012 — By Jim Serger
I have read many self-help books, motivational books, how to books and so on. What I found different in this book compared to some others is that I felt he was one of those author’s that had a way of talking to me, he was connecting with me and he was explaining information as if he were in the room with me. I read this book in one day, and I could not put it down. It is a very captivating book that engages the reader, and with the 8 steps, the side notes, and the quotes he uses I found the book very helpful to me in different ways.

 If Your Dreams Need A Boost; This Is The Book For You!! — July 14, 2012 — By Patricia
Finally! a motivational, self help book that does just that. Motivates and helps YOU – to help yourself in the most user/reader friendly way possible. Reading Step Up And Play Big is like having your own personal life “Coach”. I have so enjoyed reading this book; for it has helped me apply it to many areas of my own life – after battling as we all do, some hard knocks. It has given me the courage to take my own dreams and never give up on them, Bravo! Coach; on a well written lesson on life; Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all, I know I will return to this book time and again for inspiration.

Step Up And Play Big: Unlock Your Potential to Be Exceptional in 8 Simple Steps — July 30, 2012 — By Dianne N
Chris Ruisi has written this fantastic book, “Step Up And Play Big: Unlock Your Potential to Be Exceptional in 8 Simple Steps”. It not only helps with your business but personally too. It is a must read for all, whether you own a business or you are an employee. read it. I bought several copies that I have given to my kids and business associates. Thank you Chris, you’ve helped again.

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